Upon entering the basement from the garage, one passes deep dwelling sea creatures.  Passing through several halls lined with coral, greeted by dolphins, one slowly begins to surface to more shallow waters, just in time to watch a spirited game of table tennis.

Dive into this basement and you will encounter coral reefs teaming with fish, dolphins, whales and manatees.  At 210 X 8 linear feet, this mural transforms a dark space into a underwater experience, even skilled divers appreciate.

Water's Edge Magazine

Mural from start to finish rendered by Meg Monahan.  Acrylic on Canvas, 210' X. 8'.

Large Scale Underwater Mural

This large scale mural was created in Meg's studio and then installed like wallpaper onsite as a turn key operation.   Most individual panels were approximately 30 ft long.. Once installed they were "married" together and then painted so that the mural appeared to be painted onsite. This illusion was created to render it "seamless".