oil on canvas 16" X 36"


Shorebirds on the beach keep busy and provide onlookers with a  constant source of entertainment.  Sandpipers dash along Florida's shores so light on their feet they seem as though they might have inspired hip hop.


Magnolia blooms snipped from a tree adorned with many, brings beauty and a fragrance into  home on a cloudy day.  

Beyond the Pale


oil on canvas  11" X  14"

oil on canvas 24" X  24"

Blistering hot day, but apparently the bright blue agapanthus are ablivious.

oil on canvas 12" X  12"

Piper Blue

HE BRINGS ME FLOWERS, oil on canvas

more images to come...

He Brings Me Flowers

The sun approaching bedtime like an unruly child on Siesta Beach shore, tangles the clouds with fits of color, ever changing, never predictable.

BEYOND THE PALE, oil on canvas