Meg credits her willingness to single handedly tackle large scale murals and complicated installations with the good fortune of the daily challenges of one the most creative fast paced environments on earth.  She likes to say she stands on the sturdy shoulders of....

Waters Edge Magazine

Meg's mom and dad encouraged her with praise of her artwork.  They made her believe she was good at something she loved to do.  Meg's mom convinced a neighbor who was a working artist to give Meg a few lessons.  The artist, Wylene Delpino, told Meg's mother to buy just 5 tubes of paint.  Wylene told Meg she could mix any color she needed out of those 5 tubes and it was those constraints that challenged her to excel at mixology.

Meg's father was inspiring.  Every day he drew family antics on her little sister's lunch napkin.  Art wasn't a job, but fun.

It was a natural transition for Meg to take art in college and she graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

About the Artist

Sally Corporation

​"the Great American Dark Ride Company"

By sheer luck, Meg was granted the unique opportunity to work for Sally Corporation.  Meg had heard of a great painter named Rick Hostetter and when Meg called to hire him, he hired her instead!   That one opportunity awarded her with years working with extraordinary artists and skilled her in the use of silicone, black light paint and feathers.....